This is the great title of an article in our local council’s seasonal newsletter! The article is about our involvement in Sustainable House Day and describes the some of the sustainable features of our house- north-facing, double-glazed windows, openable clerestory windows, lots of insulation and thermal mass.

It also details the philosophies that were important to us when we designed and helped build the house. We wanted to show that a house should reflect the interests and personalities of its owners. We didn’t want a modern, empty, white box but a loft-style cottage which blends with the heritage houses around us.

We believe that people getting active to try and reduce their ecological footprint is the first step to doing something about the environmental crisis we are facing.  We really wanted to let people know that making even small renovations and changes that make their houses more sustainable is possible and achievable.

Heath the photographer visited for a morning and took lots of great photos of our house. These really add to the article showing the house and even ourselves looking good! He came up with angles of the house that we had never thought of as being possible good photo shots!

We have done our SHD video which was a great learning experience for us! Ella our (teenage) grand-daughter took the video and Carly our daughter-in-law was her assistant. Ella is now editing the video and we will send it to the Renew/Sanctuary people who are responsible for Sustainable House Day the next week. More on the video experience from Jay next month!

We have approximately a month until the virtual Sustainable House Day. Hope you can visit about a week before and chat on the actual day, September 20th at and do have a look at the article at

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