As mentioned in previous blogs Sustainable House Day this year – September 20th, will be a virtual event due to Covid 19 restrictions. We were asked to prepare a video tour for viewing on the day. This sounded like a great idea because anyone across the country can view it (register with SHD ) and any of the other presenters too!

With plenty of good advice from renew. we set about writing a script to fill the 4-8 minutes recommended. It was actually quite hard to cut it down to this! Of the 5 suggested types we decided that a live video would be the most interesting, and talking about it with our family it turned out that our granddaughter Ella had been studying film editing at school!

We thought that it would be good to show some out-of-the-ordinary aspects of eco housing and living (such as considering embodied energy) and even the vegie garden (starring the chooks!). And to encourage anyone to be involved in their build or renovation to the extent that they feel comfortable.

We are indebted to Ella for her photography and excellent editing and to her mum Carly, who became a very patient director on the day. Many thanks to both – we couldn’t have done it without them.

Though we feel a bit awkward about our presentation it seems to have pleased the good people at renew.  We hope that you enjoy it too, and others that you choose to view.

Also we have chosen to be part of a Q&A session on the day – “Growing an Edible Oasis“ at 15:30 AEST. There will be others that you can take part in too. The program is available at

Sneak peek the video:

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