Welcome to the first Footprint Garden Farm blog. We aim to write a blog every month about the latest happenings at the FGF. Our big news for last month is our participation in 2018 Sustainable House Day (SHD). We were one of 23 sustainable houses and renovations open to the public on September 16th– see www.sustainablehouseday.com for more information.

We had a great day chatting with around 170 interested and informed people about the sustainable features of our house. Most people knew about the advantages of thermal mass, north-facing windows and lots of insulation and the main topics of interest were details of the building materials we used, where we sourced the materials and information about the building process.

We had several helpers which made the day go smoothly. Jerry the designer and Sam the builder were able to answer the technical questions that we couldn’t answer. Jed who built the fences and other garden structures spent the morning showing people around the garden and David our neighbour did a great job welcoming people at the front door. Other neighbours brought us biscuits and looked after Melody our dog for the day. It was a fantastic team effort!

We also gave a presentation about our house at the SHD Showcase organised by the Adelaide Sustainable Building Network (ASBN) together with a few other houses that were open on SHD. We had to tell the audience about our house in 8 minutes, which was a challenge! But it was a great experience with a supportive audience. Go to www.adelaidesbn.com.au to view the presentations.

Look out for our next blog about the Spring planting happening in our garden.

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